Fractional Human Resources consulting, management and administration


Your Trusted Human Resources Partners

HR4U offers fractional Human Resources solutions for small and medium-sized companies. Just like having your own in-house HR department, client partners get one-to-one advice from certified HR experts and 24/7 access to all the workplace policies, forms and legislation needed to be compliant and an employer of choice.


We can Advise, Consult and Manage: 


• How to attract talent

• Support your recruitment process

• Employer branding and marketing

• Retention strategies

• Reference checks

• Testing and evaluations

Employee Relations

• Questions and legislation surrounding employee terminations,

verbal warnings and written warnings

• How to handle certain employee scenarios such as lateness,

performance issues, employee retention etc.

Policies and Procedures

• Distributing and updating your Employee Handbook

• Sick Time Policy

• Annual Vacation Policy

• Dress Code Policy

• Return to Work Safely Post-Covid


• Notice pay and severance pay

• Employee entitlement during the notice period

• Vacation Pay

• Car allowance

• Bonuses and commissions

• How to select a Payroll software and supplier

Performance Management

• How to manage poor performance

• How to conduct performance review meetings

• How to draft a performance plan and when is one necessary

• What should be included in a performance plan

• How to properly coach and mentor your employees

Training and Development

• How to create an employee training plan

• How to measure the effectiveness of your training program

• Selecting outside training partners

• Resolving workplace conflict


• Employment Standards Act

• Occupational Health and Safety Act

• Pay Equity

• Labour Relations Act

• Human Rights Legislation

Health and Safety

• Health and Safety Policies

• Health and Safety Best Practices

• Health and Safety Training

• Covid 19 Safe Workplace

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